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Hey, I'm christian

Camera, photography

Hey world-changers,

You've got the next best sustainable-ethical product. 

You're about more than making a buck, but also making a difference. Triple bottom line is your secret sauce, and your cause, brand, or product is making the world a more sustainable, just place. 

We're a match made in heaven. 

Your cause needs its story told through beautiful video, captivating photography, and imperative wordsmithing. 

Like you, I refuse to bow to the status quo. Business-as-usual doesn't cut it anymore. What sets apart the best brands and movements is a passion for leveraging influence for impact. 

I'm a seasoned writer, photographer, and word ninja waiting for the next chance to save the planet. Four years as an environmental journalist, two years as a freelance impact-copywriter, and six years in the photography biz have granted me the pleasure of seeing the world changed through word and picture. 

And I'm not done yet. 

I believe in the power of individual actions driving cumulative impact. I believe your story is worth telling, and the world needs to hear it.


You have the vision. I have the tools to help you shout it from the rooftops. 



And then get to work.

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